Specifications And Of Pocket Felts On Living Wall Felt Projects

- Mar 25, 2019-

We determine the internal dimensions of Pocket after the decision is made with our customer who designed the project . Sample sizes of living wall felt pockets  are 25 cm x 16 cm. Our capabilities are very large, we can produce in many ways. The first priority is for us to be able to live with the water for a long time. We will share samples below if you want irrigation system. One of the most important questions is the life cycle of the entire system. Environmental factors, ph, weight, irrigation type are the main determinants of life expectancy. Although it provides support in this respect, it is much more economical when comparing price with competitor systems. Choosing the right irrigation method for living wall felt.  We also offer special thin recycled felt wrap to prevent the air from getting out of the root and to grow the plant at the desired speed and quality.

felt garden wall