Standard Method Of Wool Felt In Use

- Jun 04, 2019-

Everywhere around our lives, anti-skid products, such as computers, anti-skid mats, car cushions and so on, can be said that these aspects will be applied to wool felt, because in many anti-skid products, the performance of its felt products is the most considerable, so now many applicants have unified use of this quality products, and thus effectively maintain the good response and performance of their products. For this situation, the felting manufacturer points out that when felting products are used in a unified way, the applicant should first standardize his own operation method, so as to effectively guarantee the good performance of the product.

Every product in the process of smooth application, first of all, it must have the most standardized operation method, and then can effectively improve the product's good application performance, the same is true for today's hot felt products in various fields, so today we will learn about the following.

1. Use polished surface with polishing fluid (paste, powder) to achieve better polishing effect.

2. It can deal with the traces left by the polishing process before polishing.

3. Convenient replacement

4. Advanced manufacturing technology, excellent material selection, soft and elastic wool yarn, fur in one of the pure natural fur in the polishing process, no hair removal, is a natural environmental protection material.

5. Wool ball polishing series matches most pneumatic and electric polishing machines on the market.

When wool felt is selected uniformly, the applicant should pay more attention to the most correct application method first, because the felt product itself has a certain anti-skid, so we should be more careful in operation to effectively ensure the stability of the product.