Summary Of Viscose Short Fibers

- Jul 11, 2018-

Viscose, also known as rayon, ice, viscose filament. In recent years, a new high-grade variety called "Tencel" and "bamboo fiber" has emerged. Viscose is cellulose fiber produced from cotton or other natural fibers. In the 12 kinds of main textile fibers, the moisture content of viscose fiber is most in line with the physiological requirements of the human skin. It has the characteristics of smooth, cool, breathable, antistatic and coloring.

By using different raw materials and spinning process, ordinary viscose fiber, high wet modulus viscose fiber and high strength viscose fiber can be obtained. Ordinary viscose fiber has general physical and mechanical properties and chemical properties, and is also divided into cotton, wool and filament type, commonly known as artificial cotton, artificial wool and rayon. High wet modulus viscose fiber has high polymerization degree, strength and wet modulus. The fiber density per unit line density in wet condition can withstand 22.0cN load, and the wet elongation at this load does not exceed 15%. High strength viscose fiber has high strength and fatigue resistance.