Summer Cotton Layout Department Increased

- May 11, 2018-

Summer cotton layout department increased

    In the recent China Textile City cotton cloth market, the number of listed products continues to increase, the spot market quantity of counterpart fabrics continues to emerge, and the conventional cotton cloths in the summer are interacted with conventional cotton cloths and unconventional cotton cloths. The recent transactions have continued to disperse and transactions have occurred. Enlarged; such as some new fabrics, has been constantly receiving a number of garment factory buyers in small and medium volume transactions. Some cotton-based printed cloths mainly for women's wear in summer are more popular in the market than those in the previous period. Some good-quality printed cotton cloths are still on the market, and some of them are sold at the local scale. With growth, the summer cotton department of children's wear increased with orders. Some of the newly-acquired creative fabric fabrics with printing processing companies and former shop and factory-style fabric companies were more responsive to orders, and the added value was higher than that of Dalu Products. The number of batches of customers using summer fabrics has increased, and the transaction volume has risen from the previous period. In terms of the overall market, the sales volume of summer printed cotton has increased.