Summer Jet Weaving Fabrics Continue To Go Smoothly

- May 16, 2018-

Summer jet weaving fabrics continue to go smoothly

       In the summer, the artificial silk fabric has a strong breathable and sweat-absorbing performance, and the overall cloth texture is light and elegant, smooth and cool, and beautiful and natural. The color is pure and natural, and it is highly favored by counterparts from north to south. Because the warp and weft yarns all have the FDY large light triangle profiled yarn component, the dyeing process has a particularly good degree of coloration on the cloth surface, and the gloss of the finished fabric is good. The fabrics are particularly favored by their counterpart customers because of their superior gloss over other similar fabrics, and local transactions are relatively active.

       The variety of new fabrics of this type of fabric is highly favored by counterpart merchants. It is expected that the sales will still be promising. Due to the relatively novel style of the fabrics, the color patterns are quite popular with the latest international and domestic trends, and the overall transaction in the textile city market has shown a tendency to escalate.