Summer Procurement Of Thin Fabrics Gradually Increased

- May 04, 2018-

Summer procurement of thin fabrics gradually increased

      Recently, the sales volume of traditional thin fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City increased in the summer, the single-color pattern varieties under the polyester filament fabrics increased, the sales volume expanded, and the sales volume climbed. Most of the varieties were traded in large and small quantities, and some fabrics were traded continuously. Market turnover has climbed. Recently, various types of polyester silk fabrics for apparel use in the traditional markets of the textile market were partially traded and interacted with each other. As the orders of domestic and foreign apparel manufacturers gradually increased, the purchase of textile fabrics in spring and summer increased to some extent. Incremental orders showed a local growth trend, and the overall market transaction surged.

     In the recent market, the interaction of old and new thin fabrics in summer, the interaction between polyester fabrics and Jindi fabrics, pearl chiffon, composite silk chiffon, jacquard chiffon, elastic messenger, stretch chiffon, high elasticity Huayao wrinkle, elastic chameleon, 75D belle Yarn, high elastic mess, artificial silk pearl yarn, 75D Qiaoqi, artificial silk chiffon beads, 75D heavy silk oblique, elastic sky velvet, elastic eyes, snowflakes, high elastic linen, elastic fleece, Han Li Yarn, cashmere chiffon, sliver chiffon, double-colored chiffon, dragon scale bead, flash silk thread, general slope, three-dimensional shearing hemp, first bead and other summer thin fabrics were partially sold actively, and scaled up on the first floor of the eastern market. The salesroom is relatively smooth and the price is basically stable. Polyester satin series of fabrics partially smoothed the market, elastic satin, matte satin, bright satin, bamboo satin, corrugated satin fabric local small and medium volume shipments are relatively more.