The Advantage Of Using 3M Wool Ball

- Jul 23, 2018-

1. It can deal with some imperfections left before polishing.


2, with the use of polishing fluid can make the polished surface to achieve better polishing effect.


3. 3M wool ball polishing series matches with the vast majority of electric and pneumatic polishing machines on the market.


4. It is convenient to replace the 3M wool ball.


5, can be washed with water, recycling, can reduce the cost;


6, select 3M wool ball made of advanced technology, excellent material, soft and elastic wool line, pure fur in the pure natural fur in the polishing process, not depilatory, is a natural environmental material.

3m羊毛球用途:能提高抛光效率和抛光效果。主要用于各类家私、汽车制造、汽车轮毂、五金、铜器的*一道抛光程序,专用于表面及零部件的打磨抛光。还可用于大理石、水晶、玻璃、珠宝、精密家具、模具、不锈钢等贵重金属行业配合研磨剂(粗蜡)使用能消除2000号砂纸痕 橘皮等现象、配合还原剂(细蜡或叫镜面处理剂)使用 能让产品涂层达到镜面效果。

3M wool ball use: it can improve the polishing efficiency and polishing effect. It is mainly used for polishing all kinds of furniture, automobile manufacturing, automobile wheels, hardware and brass. It is used for grinding and polishing surfaces and parts. It can also be used in marble, crystal, glass, jewelry, precision furniture, mould, stainless steel and other precious metals industry with grinding agent (coarse wax) used to eliminate 2000 sandpaper mark orange peel and other phenomena, combined with reducing agent (fine wax or mirror surface treatment agent) can be used to make the product coating to achieve the mirror effect.


For marble, crystal, glass, jewelry, precision furniture, mold, stainless steel and other precious metal industry polishing, wool itself is a biodegradable, non-toxic environmental protection material.