The Advantages Root Control Bag 1

- Jun 21, 2018-

The root system is not easy to surround growth: long because of the special strengthening polypropylene material wall can make some roots penetrate, then limit the root length, make the fibrous root well developed, no coil root phenomenon, and the field planting is no difference.

The soil ball is small and not easy to be loose: the system has a large number of fibrous roots in the bag, so the soil ball is smaller than the traditional way, and the soil ball is not easy to be loose when the transplant is transplanted, especially in the sandy soil.

It is easy to transplant and lengthen the transplant season: the trees grow with this planting bag, and the roots do not grow longer, but only a few side roots that pass through the side reinforced polypropylene material need to be transplanted, and only a few lateral roots can be cut off by a simple tool. Because more than 80% of the roots are stored in bags without being harmed, they are basically transplantable throughout the year.