The Advantages Root Control Bag 2

- Jun 21, 2018-

The root control bags can reduce cost

1,The cost of cultivation is much lower than that of container cultivation, and it does not need to use expensive potted cultivation soil and irrigation equipment and labor saving.

2,Packing cost - after collection, the American sack can be used as a packing soil container. No additional packaging is needed to reduce the cost. It is necessary to take care to remove the planting bag when it is planted in the project.

3,Transportation cost - the soil ball can be reduced by about 25% compared to the traditional tree planting soil ball due to the complete root and nutrient accumulation in the bag, or the same soil ball size can be used to grow larger size trees. Secondly, the new product of the new bag adds four hand-held rings, so the handling cost can be reduced a lot.

4,Transplant costs can be transplanted without the need for skilled workers to root and transplant.

5,Maintenance cost - high survival rate after transplantation, which can save future maintenance cost.