The Characteristics Of Chemical Fiber Felt

- Sep 19, 2019-

The characteristics of chemical fiber felt

First of all, it is necessary to know that the paper machine is made of industrial felt and filter medium. The door width is wide. In order to ensure the quality of production, we must have various testing equipment to meet the testing requirements of different processes. Paper machine with wool or filter material is produced by nonwoven fabric in the form of the typical standard width is 9M l4M or _l 2Mr---5Mo in the production process, generally through different stages, such as needle felting process and the finishing process production of wet wool at.

But in the view of production quality assurance is very important and necessary equipment of all kinds of testing technology, type and quantity of the equipment with the minimum cost to meet the different needs of online testing process demand depends on the measurement and data processing such as air permeability, unit area weight, thickness, tension etc.. It also depends on the kind of distribution curve to be obtained. In addition, there may be requirements for off-line individual measures, such as the measurement of final quality control.

The use of industrial blankets: industrial felt with built-in material can be used for household appliances, such as tape recorder, computer, camera, microwave and air conditioning, in the machinery can be used for motor equipment, gas masks, and semiconductor refrigeration machine etc.. Not only that, but also widely used in automobile, sports equipment, stationery and other fields. It's a very important material.