The Felt Can Be Flame-retardant

- Sep 18, 2019-

 The wool station produced by the felt factory has a certain flame retardant effect when it is used, so it has a certain protective effect when it is used, so we can see that it can fire retardant.

  The flame retardant effect of felt is that it can prevent combustibles from burning. It is mainly used in public entertainment places, such as hotels, KTV, hotels and so on. It not only has the effect of flame retardancy, but also has a certain decorative effect, because it can make different colors, and the ordinary ornaments are no different. Another thing is to add certain flame retardant materials to the production, so that the flame retardant effect can be achieved after the use of the product. It can also impact into different shapes, so that it will be better when used.

 It is important to make good use of the felt when it is used, give full play to its flame-retardant effect, and protect our life and property safety.

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