The Origin Of The Felt

- Jun 28, 2017-

The wool felt is an old and long fabric, and its manufacturing method has been sown in ancient Rome. It is a well-known craftsmanship in Europe.

There are many legends for the origins of wool felt, one of the most interesting is the care of the Western shoes and hats businessmen holy Clement. A holy Clement in the woods in order to escape the pursuit of the enemy in the woods desperately Mercedes-Benz, feet began to fever in the pain, but he still have to try to get rid of his enemies, so he found some of the woods wool , And stopped to start collecting, in order to reduce the pain, he will collect the wool wrapped around the feet, and then put the feet back to the shoes, continue to start bolted. When finally arrived in a safe place, he will be painful feet removed from the shoes, found that has become a pair of felt shoes. Since then, wool felt is widely used religious rituals, become expelled demons, bring good luck gods.

Later, people have found that wool with non-woven, one formability, warmth, water resistance, fire resistance, fixation, heat insulation and other high-quality performance, the beginning of the wool as a high-level craftsmanship manufacturing information, and then Let the wool carpets handicrafts on the art of the hall.

Today, the wool felt craft in Europe and the United States after a few centuries, but also in Japan, Taiwan and other places set off a wool and insolent characteristics of the fashionable wind, was a lot of fashion and crafts up to the hot pursuit. It can be said that people who have not played wool felt are considered to be far from the trend.