The Photo Wall Color Wool Felt

- Jul 10, 2018-

The photo wall of colored chemical fiber felt shows a picture on a wall and forms different shapes to show the host's elegant demeanor. The photo wall made up a warm corner of the home. It always reminds you to cherish the good life and cherish the eternal love between family and friends.

Each photo has beautiful stories and beautiful memories. The photo walls in the home show you the photos bearing the important memory of the family. Besides the pictures hung on the wall with a picture frame, the photo wall can also evolve into a hand painted wall. In addition, the door and wardrobe can also be a "theme wall" to display the photos. All kinds of theme photo walls with various forms and materials are becoming the places where room decoration can embody individuality.

Color fiber wool felt is a new recyclable environmental material in recent years. The wool felt is compatible, soft, elastic and durable, and can still be recycled and reused after abandonment. The recovery and indefinite extension of wool felt have become one of the most concerned materials.

Choosing wool felt is an attitude and an attitude of environmental protection. The development of society must be simple and environmental protection. Wool felt is rich in color and easy to make, because the manufacturing process does not involve chemical pollution and 100 percent recyclability. Woollen felt is a popular material in many countries.

100% wool felt 2.jpg