The Practicability Of Chemical Fiber Felt

- Sep 18, 2019-

With our living standard continuously improve felt manufacturers felt began to enter our life, felt products also had not originally in the traditional sense of felt, now felt whether or product production process in the production of raw materials, have been greatly improved, the application range of products therefore felt felt factory production is more extended to the agricultural greenhouses, poultry breeding greenhouse, highway maintenance engineering Moisture Surge, cold rain, industrial product packaging and transportation shockproof bump aquaculture pond slope erosion etc..

Chemical fiber wool polyester, polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber is used, imported fiber as raw material, referred to as natural or synthetic polymer material as raw material, through chemical or physical method of processing the fibers made by chemical fiber.

Chemical fiber wool felt use: it can be used for slitting machine, polishing felt, and preventing scratches. Used as a lining in garment factories. Used for wrapping, making purses, IPAD bags, handbags, etc., can be dyed, made into bags of various colors.