The Significance Of Wall Greening

- Jul 25, 2018-

With the development of the greening technology and the increasing demand of the ecological city, the form of the wall greening is more and more, and the ways and methods are more and more advanced and diversified. This is because the wall greening is very important to the city.


Beautifying the environment, returning to nature, saving energy and environmental protection, making the building indoor warm in summer and cool in summer, creating a healthy and natural living environment, improving the urban heat island effect, reducing the urban drainage load, and reducing the noise and noise and so on.

墙面绿化与建筑节能实测结果表明:在室外气温38℃时,无绿化建筑物的外表面(深灰色外墙涂料)温度最高可达50℃,而有建筑物绿化外墙面温度为27℃,尤其是朝西的墙面,绿化覆盖后降温的效果更为显著,据测定,有植物遮荫的地方,光照强度仅有阳光直射地方的几十分之一至百分之一,浓密的枝叶象一层厚厚的绒毯,可降低太阳的辐射强度,同时也降低温度,凡是有植物覆盖的墙面温度通常可降低2—7度;同时,墙面覆盖后空气相对湿度可以提高10—20%,在炎热夏季这大大有利于人们消除疲劳。 有建筑物墙面绿化的建筑室内空气温度较无绿化建筑物室内温度约3~5℃,降温效果明显。

The test results of wall greening and building energy saving show that the outer surface of the green building (dark grey exterior wall paint) can reach the highest temperature of 50, and the outer wall temperature of the greening of the building is up to 27, and the wall surface of the building is 27, especially the west wall. In shaded places, the intensity of light is only one to one percent of the direct sunlight. Thick branches like a thick blanket can reduce the radiation intensity of the sun, and also reduce the temperature. The wall temperature of plants usually can be reduced by 2 to 7 degrees, and the relative humidity of the air after the wall is covered can be relative humidity. Increase by 10-20% in hot summer, which greatly helps people eliminate fatigue. The indoor air temperature of buildings with wall greening is about 3 ~ 5  C higher than that of buildings without wall greening, and the cooling effect is obvious.