The United States Gives More Tariff Exclusion To Chinese Medical Products

- Mar 16, 2020-

In a statement, the U.S. trade representative's office said the U.S. will exclude products including China's disposable masks, disposable medical masks, disposable stethoscope covers and disposable shoe covers from the tariff list.

On March 5, the website of USTR was updated to exempt more than 100 medical related products imported from China by 27 US enterprises.

Affected by this news, by the time of press release in the early morning of March 13, soyute and dawn shares, the concept stocks of masks in the early stage, were open to decline, Jinggong technology and Shunwei shares were up and down, while concept stocks such as Rongjie health, aojiahua, Guanhao biology and Zhende medical showed different degrees of rise.

Industry veteran said that novel coronavirus epidemic in 2020 affected the demand for medical masks to surge, and the output of medical masks will be rapidly increased. The output value of medical masks will exceed 7 billion 500 million yuan, and the growth rate will exceed 38%. At the same time, the whole mask industry will benefit from the growth of medical masks, and the overall output value of the mask industry is expected to exceed 13 billion yuan in 2020.