The Way Of Using The Poshing Dick For Wool Ball

- Jul 23, 2018-

(1) soak the wool ball discs, install them on the lapping machine, and idle for 5 seconds to get rid of excess moisture.


(2) shake the lapping agent and pour it on the wool polishing discs.


(3) adjust the speed of the grinding machine to 1800 to 2200r/min, start the grinding and polishing machine, move in a straight line along the direction of the body, and cover 1/3 of the long tracks through the discs, and do not leak a large area of paint. The order of the polishing position: the right half body is grind the left half body in the reverse order, according to the right car top - the right front cover - the left front cover - the right front wing plate - the right front door - the right rear door - the right rear wing plate - the rear cover. When you are doing the roof, you can open the door, put towel on the door and step on the edge of the door.


(4) during polishing, the discs and lacquer surfaces should be kept at room temperature. When the paint temperature rises above 20 C, the water will be cooled on the lacquered surface.


(5) the position of the polishing machine is not suitable for the body corners. Manual polishing is used and polished with dry towel and polishing agent. Finish the whole body with paint, including the painted bumper, and notice that the temperature should not be too high. Pay attention to edges and corners, edges and corners, do not throw hard, because these areas are thin.


(6) after polishing the paint, clean the car with pure cotton towels.


Main points: control the rotational speed and humidity of polishing discs, pay attention to the temperature and edge angle of the paint.