Treatment Of Raw Materials For Felt Production

- May 12, 2019-


Felt is a kind of product which is processed and reconstructed from various raw materials. Its raw materials include regenerated wool from leather factories, wool textile factories and raw wool.

Because raw wool and regenerated wool contain a lot of oil, sand, dung, eggs, dust, grass thorns, feed and so on, especially the gray hair removal from leather factories contains a lot of ash, if these impurities are not removed, it will have a great impact on the process and quality of the next process. The specific treatment method is to loosen the bulk of raw wool into loose pieces, and remove 15-30% of the sand impurities in the wool fibers at the same time. The loosened raw wool is loose and easy to dry after washing, which ensures even drying. The loosened wool creates reasonable conditions for carding, elastic wool, wool and other processes. It can reduce the damage of Carding Clothing of carding machine and the strike load of carding needle of elastic wool machine.

It should be noted that the washing machine can not be used to clean, in order to avoid damage, when drying felt, you can choose natural drying or low temperature drying.