Viscose Short Fiber Wool Felt

- Jul 11, 2018-

Viscose fiber is the full name of viscose, divided into viscose filament and viscose staple fiber. Viscose fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber, which is made of natural cellulose as raw material. It is made of soluble cellulose xanthate through alkalization, aging and yellowing, and then dissolved in dilute lye to make viscose, and made by wet spinning. Viscose fiber is one of the earliest chemical fibers that have been put into industrial production. Because of its good hygroscopicity, wear, comfort and good spinnability, it is often blended with cotton, wool or various synthetic fibers, interwoven, and used in all kinds of clothing and decorative textiles. High strength viscose fiber can also be used for tire cord, conveyor belt and other industrial supplies. Viscose fiber is a widely used chemical fiber