What Are The Applications Of Maintaining Felt

- May 06, 2019-

Now the technology level of felt manufacturer is constantly improving, from agriculture to modern science and technology technology, slowly developed, the application scope is also expanding.

Cold-proof and thicker felt can be processed into vegetable greenhouse thermal insulation quilt, can also be used as transportation cold-proof products, or furniture machinery packaging products, several performance indicators are very important, such as tensile, bursting, tear resistance, with high strength, good elongation, large deformation range, corrosion resistance, acid-alkali environment, aging resistance, impermeability and other performance characteristics. In the production process, the use of superior raw materials, so in the temperature change environment can also be used.

Because felt is widely used, not only in agriculture, but also in civil engineering, such as seepage prevention, crack prevention, isolation and strength repair, which are gradually used in water conservancy, construction, transportation, tunnel, subway and engineering projects.