What Are The Main Applications Of Wool Felt

- Jun 05, 2019-

Wool felt is very popular in our country. Since its birth, it has been enthusiastically sought after by everyone, which is inseparable from its many advantages. It has high quality properties such as heat preservation, waterproofing, fire resistance, color fixing, heat insulation and so on. What are the main applications of wool felt?

1. Textile, chemical and cement factories, filtration and oil absorption

2. Use of medical equipment

3. Use of high-tech electronic products

4. Oil absorption, sound absorption, shock proof and sound insulation for locomotives

5. Sound insulation of audio equipment

7. Packaging and Use of Machinery and Equipment

8. Use of Leather Embossing Machine

9. Other kinds of musical instruments, hats, cold-proof shoes, grinding, dust-proof and so on can be used.

In addition, the felt surface is smooth and even, white and soft, flexible, and can foil Xuan paper, so that calligraphy and painting enthusiasts can move freely and feel comfortable.

When the ink in the works is too much, it can not run ink, has the function of holding ink, and because wool can absorb and dry water, and has the function of absorbing ink, which greatly reflects the good performance of dehydration and ink retention, especially in drawing Chinese paintings, it can make beautiful strokes and flowers.