What Are The Specific Uses Of Felt?

- Nov 19, 2018-

The felt manufacturers will answer for you, what are the inalienable benefits of felt? Firstly, the felt has a special stable performance in the design structure. It has a good bonding strength with each other and will not appear loose characteristics. Even if we have special needs, we can use tools to cut it into various shapes, which can meet our various needs. In addition, in some areas where equipment is easy to loosen, we can use felt manufactured by our felt manufacturers for matting. It can effectively prevent the loosening of equipment, and avoid giving us some extra trouble. In addition, felt insulation and sound insulation effect is particularly good, in many commonly used equipment is also used as sound insulation material. Felts designed by felt factories are compact in structure and have very small voids. They can also be used as filter materials in the chemical field.