What Is The Maintenance Method For Felt Products

- Jul 22, 2019-

The felt product is shaped by wool fibers. Under the action of certain temperature, humidity and external force, the wool fiber will stabilize its shape after a period of time, which is called heat setting of wool. The sweat and impurities of wool. Wool is a kind of natural fiber with a lot of impurities. The main impurities contained in the raw wool are fatty sweat, sand and plant matter.

Wool must be pretreated for textile processing. The task of wool pre-treatment is to use a series of physical mechanical and chemical methods to remove various impurities in the raw wool to meet the requirements of wool spinning production. One of the natural fibers that humans use earlier in textiles. The history of human use of wool can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, spread from Central Asia to the Mediterranean Sea and the rest of the world, and became the main textile raw material in Asia and Europe.

Maintenance methods for felt products:

1. Wash with cold water.

2. Felt products should not be bleached.

3. Choose a neutral lotion marked with a pure wool mark and no bleach.

4, hand wash alone, do not use the washing machine, so as not to damage the shape.

5. When washing, use light pressure on the hand. For dirty parts, just scrub gently. Never use a brush to wash.

6. Washing with shampoo and moisturizing silk can reduce the phenomenon of raising hair.

7. After cleaning, hang it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally. For drying, please use low temperature drying.

The scale layer consists of keratinized flattened keratinocytes. The scales of the various wools are substantially the same, with an average width of 28 microns, a height of 36 microns, and a thickness of 0.5-1.0 microns. The density of the scales covered on the wool varies greatly depending on the variety of the sheep and the thickness of the wool. The density of the scales on the fine wool is larger than that of the coarse wool, and the scales are visible at a small height.