What Problems Often Occur In The Processing Of Felt Factory

- Mar 01, 2019-

In the process of processing, felt factory will inevitably exert various external forces, such as tension and torsion, to change the original shape of felt fibers. Although wool felt has good elasticity, it is also the main cause of instability in size and shape.

Wool can rapidly reduce its internal stress under hot and humid conditions, and can change its existing shape according to the external force, and then be cooled or dried to maintain its shape. Felt cortical cells contain two proteins, high and low sulfur. The former is the main component of the matrix, and its molecular chain is amorphous and curly. The latter has helical structure, which makes up the basic fibers in cortical cells. Fundamental fibers then form microfibrils, while microfibrils further form microfibrils. All kinds of fibrils are embedded in the tomb, and the fibrils can be connected with the quality by disulfide bond.

The processed felt can give full play to its performance in use. Of course, according to the use requirements, appropriate selection, different use needs different product specifications, it is best to inform the use of products when purchasing, in order to avoid affecting production and use.