What is Felt Fabric

- Aug 23, 2017-

Felt refers to a fabric that is not woven but made from natural fibers, soap and water. It takes a lot of work to create Felt because the fabric is dense and is made from lasting interlocking fibers. Each kind of wool comes with its own distinct features and is a reflection of the environment where a breed of sheep has particularly adapted. Wool from the Merino sheep breed is smooth, soft and has a silky laster while wool from Herdwick breed has a hairy, coarse texture. The best thing about felt is that it transcends texture and appearance and into the unique features it offers. Felt is created from a sustainable environmentally friendly source, which is wool. This makes the fabric 100 percent biodegradable. Its durability, light-weight and strength make it a highly versatile fabric. Felt is a light, cool and breathable fabric that is ideal for summer and provides the much needed warmth during winter; can be worn at any time of the year. It repels moisture and dirt and is resistant to fire. This makes felt a family friendly textile.