When You're Ready To Go To A Cafe For Writing, You May Want To Bring This | Sandwich Innovations Felt Bags To Market

- Dec 14, 2017-

Taiwanese writer Donohue said that his only working place for many years is a cafe. "Every morning I carry them to my coffee house on time, books, memories, questions, and I think as I did not think in the morning light In the dissipated dreams. "

Modern writing scene is more and more mobile, people come out of their homes and offices, came to the cafe, library, tea room and other space, open their computer or portable notebook, open a text adventure.

Different writing environment, will bring different writing inspiration. Different from sitting at home desk, facing the fixed windows and walls, when you are in the third space, people around the voice, a new table texture touch, and even the sun and the wind that day, will be subtle To flow into your writing, as a part of creative memories.

At this time, a suitable computer for storing, at the same time portable computer package has become a necessary equipment for writers. Sandwich computer storage Felt bags new listing, this little felt bag is protected by the freedom of your writing world.

Sandwich computer felt package

Simple and generous design, easy to travel. Leather buckle, more texture.

Natural wool felt, natural touch, light weight.

Durable, easy to get rid of dust, dirt, hygroscopic protection, and shockproof, anti-fall effect, to protect your computer body

Lined with velvet, soft, anti-planning, Seiko secret agents, a stitch tight formation.