Wool Felt Roll Goods

- Jan 07, 2019-

Do you need to fix a squeak, rattle or vibration? Do you need synthetic felt rolls to die cut a gasket or seal that can absorb a lubricant?

As one of the top felt manufacturers in China we have a vast inventory of felt rolls, including SAE felt, to suit your specific application requirements.


We offer wool roll good distribution for just-in-time delivery, or we can turn-key your felt project from concept to completion with our value-added converting services.

Whether it’s a felt roll, strip, gasket, seal or wick, this material has a vast range of practical uses across a wide range of industries.

Felt Roll Benefits:

  • Wool felt is naturally flame resistant; Although it will burn when exposed to an open flame (when the flame is removed the felt will extinguish itself)

  • Wool felt remains unchanged in physical properties as it wears

  • It can be hard enough to turn on a lathe and also soft enough to be sewn

  • Wool felt does not ravel or fray

  • It is highly absorbent and uninjured by continued oil/lubricant saturation

  • It offers significant resiliency

  • Wool felt is an excellent insulator against cold, heat, sound and vibration.

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