Wool Felt Shoes

- Jan 17, 2020-

The wool used for making shoe felt includes Merino wool and hybrid wool, which are produced in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, etc. Different shearing time has influence on the length and quality of wool. The growth period of autumn sheared wool is 4 months, shorter than that of spring sheared wool, less lanolin, cleaner, but more grass seeds. The felting property of this kind of wool is larger than that of spring and lamb wool, so the amount used in felting is correspondingly higher. The lambs were cut from 4-7 month old coarse wool sheep or semi coarse wool sheep, with high quality, good fineness and curl, fine bristle fiber of lambs, with heart-shaped extension.

When making felt shoes or boots, different specifications of wool can be used: fine fiber wool, semi-fine fiber wool, semi coarse fiber wool and coarse fiber wool. The first two kinds of wool have good quality, most of which can be used for felt shoes. Although the latter two kinds of wool have slightly poor quality, they have good strength, so they are also suitable for felt shoes. In the actual production, we often use the autumn shearing of hybrid sheep, and add cutting wool or even waste wool, which can not only reduce the cost, but also adjust the performance of felt material according to the actual needs.

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