Wool Felt Specialists Teach You How To Make Globular Felt

- Jun 03, 2019-

After centuries of popularity in Europe and the United States, wool felt handicraft has set off a crazy trend of personality fashion for wool in Japan, Taiwan and other places, which has been warmly sought after by many fashion and handicraft experts. It can be said that people who have never played with wool felt handicraft have been regarded as out of fashion. Next, we ask the wool felt specialist to teach you how to make globular wool felt.

Basically spherical:

1. Take out the appropriate amount of wool, fold the wool in half, roll it up gently and form a fluffy cylinder.

2. Overlap the two ends of the fluffy cylinder inward, place them on the working mat and fix them lightly.

3. Roll while stabbing, be careful not to stick to your hand. 4. In the felting process, it is necessary to roll continuously to avoid the deformation of the sphere.

5. When there is resistance in the process of sensory stabbing, the hairball is semi-felt. At this time, wool ball can be repaired, including depression, expansion and so on.

6. After repairing, it can continue felting to wool ball compactness.

Basic cylinder:

1. Take the wool out of the suitable length. First, evenly spread the wool and roll it forward.

2. Put the wool on the working mat and fix the wool on the fixed surface with a light poke.

3. Roll while stabbing, make sure that every place is stabbed evenly;

4. When semi-felting, begin to trim the shape of both ends to make them flat.

5. Then continue to scroll while stabbing, if there is a dent part can be filled with wool;

6. Until the wool becomes compact and completely felt.

The above is about the wool felt expert teaches you how to make globular wool felt. I hope it will be helpful to you after reading. If you have any other questions, you can contact us.