Wool Products In Life Is Widely Used

- Dec 08, 2017-

Felt products are indispensable in modern production and daily life. Due to their wide range of functions, in recent years, the production volume and production technology of felt products have been raised. In order to satisfy different customers, many businesses have upgraded and revised their raw materials for felts. Felt products are: felt pad, felt head, felt ring, felt ring, blanket polishing wheel, felt seal, blankets, felt tube, felt filter, felt rope, wool ball and other felt parts. Felt and felt products are widely used in the manufacture of machinery, electromechanical, chemical, shipbuilding, aircraft, marine and other industries. They have the functions of sealing, buffering, keeping warm, moisturizing, sealing, damping, absorbing, dustproof, Insulation and other functions and effects, fur products have hair ball, fluff ball, rabbit hair ball, mink hair ball, fox fur ball, hair ball buckle class products, all kinds of jewelry.

  We all know that wool felts are usually made of natural wool and are usually machined and bonded using the wool-felting properties. With the gradual discovery of the properties of wool, the use of wool felt is also very extensive. Currently, in the market appeared wool felt carpet, wool felt bag, wool felt, wool felt insoles and the like. So, you know about the application of wool felt in the production and life?

  Wool felt has always been flexible, can be used as a shockproof, sealed, padded and elastic wire cloth base felt material. Good adhesion, not loose, can be made into various shapes punching parts. Insulation performance is better, can be used as thermal insulation materials, tissue tight, small pores, can be used as a good filter material, good wear resistance, can be used as polishing material. Wool felt with moisture and elasticity can be made of automotive doors and windows sealed, can do the central door and window seals. It does not use the fabric of the old filter can be used for oil absorption, below the majority of oil drums sheep wool felt to keep the ship clean. Wool packing machine parts with high whiteness, good shock resistance.