Woollen Blankets And Nonwoven Fabric Bags Make Your Trip More Convenient.

- Jun 14, 2018-

 In recent years, with the development of felting industry and fashion, felt as an environmental protection material has gradually gained people's love. Felt culture has extended to all corners of the world, from the daily use of handbags, clothing, even to the home textile and other industries which are closely related to people's comfortable daily life. The plasticity and environmental protection of felt have been recognized by famous designers in the world.


The green wool felt seems to be the material used in the winter, and the felt wool is thought to be cold and hard, and now we have to subvert the old idea. Wool is widely used. In addition to the scarves, slippers, and gloves worn in winter, we can still see the colorful silhouette of the wool in the hot summer. We can make use of these colorful and colorful wool to make jewelry, hair ornaments, handset bags, cell phone sings, and some ingenious collocations. You can easily become a fashion man in a moment. The non woven wool can make the creator change the different styling, and the felt finished product has the characteristics of not easy to deform, sturdy and durable. It is very suitable for all kinds of practical articles in the creation of life. It is the choice of collection and gift.