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The usages of different densities Why choose us ? 1.Professional We have 10 years of experience in the production of all kinds of felt product ,and we have production personnel and market & transportation department .We are a felt product manufacturer in Hebei.You have to believe that we can...
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The usages of different densities

RatingDensity: g/cm3Typical Application
Soft 0.18Light air,dust and oil seals

Gaskets,seals,washers,wicks,absorbent and resilient pads,cladding

Medium firm0.26
Firm0.35clutch linings,wiping felts,small cut parts
Extra Firm0.40
Hard0.45polishing wiping,sander-backing,cut and formed parts
Extra hard0.60polishing,cut and formed parts,vacuum forming dies

Industrial Felt Factory

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Why choose us ?


We have 10 years of experience in the production of all kinds of felt product ,and we have production personnel and market & transportation department .We are a felt product manufacturer in Hebei.You have to believe that we can make the best product as you want.

2. Quality

We are Regular product detection to ensure our goods quality .
we are sure of our customers can accept our products are the best !


Our goods have been exported to more than 30 countries and at least 50000 piece products / monthly.


If you're interested in our industrial wool felt imported australian, welcome to buy our quality and cheap products at big discount. As one of the leading felt products manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also supports customized production. Enjoy the low price and good service.
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