Laundry Wool Dryer Balls

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Used in the laundry dryer, to help reducing drying time(about 25%-50%),it can also help to absorb lint, fluff on the clothes, And, it can make your clothes softer.


Energy-Saving Laundry Tips:

1. Use cold water to save on heating.
2. Only do full loads of laundry.
3. Clean the dryer lint filter after each load.
4. Don't over dry. Take clothes out as soon as they are done.
5. Last but not least, use Smart Sheep Wool dryer balls!



Wool Dryer balls are reusable, natural and chemical free alternative to conventional fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dryer balls save time and energy by reducing the drying time by 10-25%. The Dryer balls are completely handmade using 100% New Zealand wool .


Laundry Dryer Room :

In this way, we can keep the wool dryer ball shape and it will be more white and clear compare with outside dryer






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